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The Phoenix Project in less words

How do you run your IT department and why it is important to your organization? Is running an IT Department different from any other Operations like Manufacturing or any other department…Does IT helps your organization to align to your strategic goal or IT become bottle neck by becoming in-competencies within itself and due to unsupportive leadership. Read On…

This book creates (or more specifically simulates) a typical organization like our(within the book) fictitious company called Parts Unlimited – A company that manufactures Car Parts and Gadgets…

Once a billion dollar successful company now facing strong competition from startup companies offering disruptive solutions and now needs to adapt itself to the modern world or become a example of Great to Bust company.

Though the company has got so many problems that sounds familiar like Internal Politics, Challenge getting Stakeholder Support, Stakeholder Panic, Mismanagement, Trust issues, Paper Process, Chaos, Bureaucracy (and many more to add)…typically IT team manages to receive blame for all the failures…

Enter Bob Palmer a middle management executive who got Promoted to VP of IT (as his boss the previous VP is fired)…Who is persuaded(being reluctant to join big position) to accept the role and is responsible for saving the IT department and his organization… YES he is the hero of the story.

The main goal for Bill Palmer – To help company launch the Phoenix Project that the Strategic team thinks will save the Parts Unlimited. Bill needs to ensure that IT team provides all the support needed to have a Successful Launch of the Phoenix project which is already delayed by couple of years.

The story then goes through how Bill Palmer with the help his team and a Mentor(Erik) goes through a transformation process that helps Parts Unlimited to rise from Ashes.

This book uses the storyline to explain the various IT Concepts and Tools that any successful modern day organization(Like Amazon, Apple, Facebook etc.) are using to create a greater value for themselves and their customers.

Concepts Explained through this book:

  • DevOps – How Developers and IT Operations Work together(rather than in silos) to generate faster value in shortest possible time.
  • Theory of Constraints – The story line refers to another great book The Goal and explains how constraints can slow down the process and how/why it needs to be managed.
  • Communication Skills – To manage your boss, politics, and to motivate team…
  • Adaptability – Why most processes fails to start and how that can be adapted so that it is acceptable by all without the process becoming a constraint.
  • Four Types of Work – To make any change you need to understand what type of work you have so that you can find a solution to prioritize and efficiently manage them.
  • Three Ways for Value to Flow – Explains how the value flows from Organization to the Customer, Why we need three ways and How to ensure the ways are followed.

As the purpose of this blog is to keep articles short I need to stop here…but as the book offers many interesting concepts I can write separate articles that can be read independently.

Thank You all and Stay Blessed

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