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Runaway Host

I recently read or watched somewhere: Just because someone is paying for your bill, don’t order costliest item from menu.

And I will tell you why, because it reminded me of an interesting incident from early days of my career…

This was during my first job, probably all the employees working there as this was only company offered job to freshers like us.

Back then we thought pay was not good but after so many years, I feel grateful that I had a Job, That gave me the experience(letter), that helped me get the next job( and the next job).

Anyways, two of my colleagues(now friends) had to go to Mumbai Office, they were provided accommodation but had to manage other expenses on their own.

One day one of the Mumbai office colleagues offered them to take them to a restaurant…

Happily they went together, the host asked them to order anything from menu. My friends ordered best items and when order came. Then host said, OK Friends… Enjoy your food and I’ll leave now… (and he left)

Now my friends were looking each others face…they decided let’s have the food first… Somehow and barely managed to pay with whatever left in their wallet…

By the way my friends used to tell us this story better than me with all the expressions, when we enjoyed our tea time.

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